Client Testimonials

“So, I say to you: Take the leap of faith! It will change your life.”

Raushanah’s Testimony

Hi! My name is Raushanah.

Working with Kita was one of the best decisions I have made in my life that was just for me. When the universe brought her to me by way of TikTok, I was at my last. I had come out months before at the age of 45, which I thought: “Finally, I am walking in my truth! All will finally be well.” Boy, was that not the case! So many unresolved issues came up.

What I accomplished with Kita in five weeks with her Burn The Blueprint Program was more than what I accomplished with years of therapy. This is coming from someone with academic degrees in mental health. Her approach was different, and what I needed. If I had not taken that leap of faith– not just with her but with myself– by putting myself first for one of the first times in my life, I would not be here now. The decision to work with Kita saved my life; it is just that simple. I sing her praises to everyone that asks me about the change in me, but Kita will tell you that it was me that put in the work LOL. This is true, but without the tools she gave me the change would not have happened. She told me that she would fight for me, that she would not give up on me…
and she never has.

So, I say to you: Take the leap of faith! It will change your life.