There is an episode of Quantico that I was watching where Ryan Booth, boyfriend/lover/”teammate” to Alex Parish, has a very important conversation with former CIA Director Matthew Keyes.

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For a little background information, Ryan Booth was one bad ass FBI Agent, but Alex Parish was always better. SHE always rebelled against “the book”, but was always right. SHE knew when someone was lying. SHE knew when things did not feel right and she ALWAYS went with her gut. Ryan and Alex had this constant on again, off again kind of relationship and it was pretty painful to watch because you could also see and feel the love between them. It was that bottom of the 9th, 3-2 count, home run in the World Series kind of love. (For all my non-sports people out there, that’s a deep, exciting kind of love!)
Anyhow, back to the conversation, Matthew Keyes in this conversation shoots Ryan Booth’s ego down a bit. The former CIA Director admits that he is married to a super-powerful operative and says he is happy to stay at home with the kids. He understands that Ryan is threatened by Alex’s success, but says that letting yourself have the “backseat” makes you a better partner. Now I do not know about being a “better” partner because Ryan is already great, but there is something POWERFUL about being understanding and supportive…its powerful for not only you, but for your partner. Appreciation goes a long way and couples today very rarely show gratitude to one another, esp after the “honeymoon” stage of dating.

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