Coaching Services

Your path to healing, love and connection is waiting. Check out which service is suited just for you. 

Conscious Queer Dating

The relationship you desire is OUT THERE and it doesn’t have to take forever to get it. 

Conscious Queer Dating is for queer, trans and nonbinary people who are ready to do the inner work. Those who are: 

  • Committed to unlearning and letting go of what they absolutely know about dating and relationships
  • Tired of dating the same type of person over and over again
  • Newly out and want to know how to attract the relationship they desire
  • Feeling they have interpersonal relationships solidified but struggle with healthy dating relationships
  • Who are looking to consistently meeting available people, but don’t know how. 

What to expect: 

  • 6 Live Bi-weekly sessions via zoom over 12 weeks
  • Recorded zoom lessons sent to you
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets, activities, meditation tools, assessments and breakthrough processes for healing and clearing limiting beliefs. 
  • 2 30 minute spot coaching opportunities between sessions
  • Access to the Queer Connection community



Burn the Blueprint Program

BURN THE BLUEPRINT is a journey to self-discovery. In this 5-week program, you will get present to the relationship you have with “self”. It is the root from which everything else in your life develops and is dictated. Right now you are operating from a “self” that was created by you, but by your parents, teachers, preachers, media, etc.

BURN THE BLUEPRINT will give you the opportunity to create a life by YOUR design.

This program includes:

  • 5 One-hour sessions for 5 weeks
  • Tools to eliminate fear and limiting beliefs to jump start your life
  • 1 30 minute spot coaching opportunity as needed